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Production Technology

Dean of Faculty:
Eshanov Muhammad-Ayub Hoshimzhon o’g’li.
Condidate of Economic’s Science, Docent
   Phone: +998934121054; +998902597577





Order No. 427 of November 3, 2015 approving the Charter of the Andijan Machine-Building Institute of the Ministry of Higher and Secondary Special Education of the Republic of Uzbekistan. Making changes to the structure of the Institute, by the Rector of the Andijan Machine-Building Institute Institute  ”the formation of the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering at the Andijan Machine-Building Institute. By the order of the Rector No. 573 “On Amendments to the Structure of the Institute” of December 22, 2018, the name of the faculty was preserved and established as the Faculty of MECHANICAL ENGINEERING TECHNOLOGY.
The Faculty of Technology Engineering is a department of the management structure of the institute. The activity of the faculty is directed to the training of students in specialties and areas, to conduct the educational process of teaching is inextricably, the preparation of scientific and pedagogical personnel, as well as the implementation of research projects. The faculty provides the continuity of production with training. Faculty management is conducted by the dean and deputy deans of the faculty.


  • multi-level training of students (training of bachelors, specialists, masters and scientific and pedagogical personnel of higher qualification) and advanced training in areas assigned to the faculty according to the National Program for Training Personnel of the Republic of Uzbekistan;
    • integration of education, science and production by using the results of scientific research in the educational process and establishing mutually beneficial relations between educational, scientific, experimental production, scientific and production, design institutions, enterprises, innovative organizations as a single collective system for obtaining and using new scientific knowledge and technologies education, economy and social sphere;
    • increasing the professional level of academic staff through research and creative activities, the use of scientific results obtained in the educational process;
    • ensuring the implementation of basic licensing standards and accreditation indicators in the organization of the educational process;
    • coordination of the work of departments that provide training for students in areas assigned to the faculty.



  • Organizing the participation of gifted students at science competitions, making decisions on nominating fellows for the appointment of state scholarships and scholarships of the President of the Republic of Uzbekistan, ensuring participation in projects of the Istedod Foundation;
    • Systematic organization and involvement in the scientific and creative activities of students of the faculty, the creation of the necessary organizational, methodological and material and technical conditions for the implementation of individual and collective research projects;
    • Coordination of advanced training for faculty departments at the faculty;
    • Organization of seminars on the introduction of new pedagogical technologies and discussion of the reports of teachers who have completed advanced training courses;
    • Provide work on the creation of textbooks, teaching aids in the disciplines and subjects of the faculty of the department at the faculty, including in cooperation with foreign scientists. Expansion of the base of the Faculty Information Resource Center.
    • Organization and provision of conditions for the development of priority research areas.

Currently, 985 students are studying in various areas of undergraduate studies at the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering.

1.5320300-“Technological machines and equipment” – 393 students.
2.5320200-“Technology of mechanical engineering, equipment and automation of production” – 438 students
3.5111000-“Professional Education” (5320200 – “Engineering Technology, Equipment and Production Automation”) – 28 students
4.5230100 – “Economics” (Type of Industry) – 100 students;
5. 5230200 – Management (by industry and sector) – 26 students

The faculty has 5 departments and 100 professors, teachers.

  1. 1. Department of “Engineering Technology“. The head of the department is Candidate of Technical Sciences, associate professor Kh.Akbarov, 23 professors-teachers.
    Department “Technological machines and equipment“. The head of the department is Candidate of Technical Sciences, associate professor K.Kasimov. 17 professors-teachers.
    3. The departmentOrganization of industry production.” The head of the department is Candidate of Economics Sciences, associate Professor S.A`zamov, 20 professors and teachers.
    4. Department of “Humanities”. The head of the department is Doctor of Economics, Professor K.Muftaydinov, 16 professors-teachers.
    5. Department of “Languages”. Head of the department N.Mirzaeva. 24 professors and teachers.
    The study of disciplines and foreign languages ​​plays an important role in the preparation of future qualified engineers of the faculty.

Deputy Deans of the Faculty:

1. Akhmedov Azizbek Bahadirovich – Deputy Dean for Youth
2. Mukhtorov Makhmudzhon Marufovich – Deputy Dean for Academic Affairs
3. Sattikulova Gulnora Ahmadhonovna – deputy dean for educational and methodical work
4. Holmirzaev Shavkatbek – Vice Dean for Research and Innovation