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Master’s Studies

Head of the department: Qobulova Nilufar Jalilovna

Phone number: +99890 546-08-21


Methodist of the department: Qodirov Nazirjon


Information about Master’s Degree department

The Masters department was established at our Institute in 2013-2014 academic year in accordance with the Law of the Republic of Uzbekistan “On education” and “On the national program of personnel training”, the resolution of the President of the Republic of Uzbekistan dated July 24, 2012 number. PD-4456 “On further improvement of the system of preparation and certification of pedagogical cadres” and also the Resolution of the Cabinet of Ministers of the Republic of Uzbekistan from August 16, 2001 of No. 343 “About approval of the state educational standards of higher education” and “On measures to improve the master’s degree in higher education system of the Republic of Uzbekistan and increase its effectiveness” from September 10, 2007 in order to increase the quality and competitiveness of the personnel. Today, the department of master’s degree consists of 2 staff units (department manager and methodologist).

 The department of magistracy carries out coordination of training of masters in institute, together with chairs and deans provide the followings:

  • organization and implementation of the academic process for masters, assisting them in controlling the quality of education and teaching provided;
  • carrying out educational and scientific-research work;
  • coordination and control over the activities of all faculties for the preparation of masters;
  • regular monitoring of the training of masters and their future employment, analysis of masters’ training, and regular reports on them.

Highly qualified professors-teachers: scientists with scientific degrees such as candidates of science, professors and associate professors, as well as experienced in the modernization of state and society, practitioners were involved to teach the masters of the Andijan Machine-Building Institute

Thesis subjects of undergraduate students of the Andijan Machine-Building Institute was based on the recommendation of professors, teachers and research institutes, organizations and industrial enterprises, and they are actual topics related to developing production and perfection problems

Educational, methodological, research, pedagogical activity, internship, internship and preparation of master’s thesis are carried out according to the schedule of master’s student’s work.

Topics of masters’ dissertations which were discussed at the university or faculty educational and methodical council and their scientific advisors (scientific advisors) are approved by the order of the university rector according to the presentation of the pro-rector on scientific issues in the first or second month of the first academic year.  

 Monitoring of the activity of graduate students

The working group consisting of the leading teachers of the institute was established by the order of the rector of the institute in order to carry out continuous monitoring of the activity of the undergraduate students and improve the quality of the organization of the educational process in the magistracy.

Monitoring the activity of the Master’s degree student by the working group is based on the following indicators:

  1. a) in the first year:

timely fulfillment of Master’s degree student’s calendar work plan;

publishing one scientific article or one thesis published at the republican or international scientific conferences;

participation in scientific seminars;

the degree of mastering of educational subjects in the specialty;

  1. b) in the second year:

timely fulfillment of Master’s degree student’s calendar work plan;

publishing two scientific articles or two theses in national or international scientific conferences;

protection of Master’s dissertation if it was scheduled during the monitoring period;

participation in scientific seminars;

the degree of mastering of all the subjects in the specialty;

In the process of the monitoring interviews with the undergraduate students, proposals and recommendations are held.

At the end of the academic year, the Working group will present a report on the results of the monitoring to the Board of the institute.



5A310501- “Automotive and tractor industry” specialty

5A310601 – “Land transport vehicle and systems”

5A310902 – “Metrology, standardization and quality management (industry)” specialty

5A311001- “Technological processes and production automation” specialty

5A320201 – “Technology of machine-building and equipment (in mechanical engineering)”

5A320308- “Welding production technology and equipment” specialty was opened.

Currently, 37 students are studying at the magistracy.

    Master’s degree is a higher education that provides fundamental and practical education in the field of specialization, with at least 2 years of undergraduate education.

   The diploma of the state-approved diploma of the “master’s” academic degree is given on the specific specialty of the education upon completion of the final state certification of graduates of the master’s degree program.

   Master’s degree student who finished magistracy is prepared for carrying out independent research, scientific-pedagogical and professional activity on selected specialty; studying at the Institute of senior researchers after graduation from the relevant specialty; for further vocational training in the system of retraining and advanced training of personnel.

       Masters has the right to carry out professional activity in accordance with his specialty, scientific-research and scientific-pedagogical training:

  • design and construction;
  • project-technology;
  • scientific research and experience;
  • production management;
  • scientific-pedagogical;
  • They can also engage in scientific and creative activities, as well as in other majors that correspond to the Bachelor’s degree.