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Metrology, standardization and product quality management

Head of the department

Mo’minov Najmiddin SHamsiddinovich

Phone: (+99890) 329-15-43





History of the department

The chair of “MSPQM” was founded on August 20, 2014. One of its main tasks is to train highly qualified specialists for various industries and services.

Department staff -17 including: Professor -3; Associate Professor -4; Senior teacher -6; Assistant -6; Ph.D. -3; Trainee-researcher-1; The scientific potential of the department is 41%.

Prepared by directions:

Bachelor degree: 5310900- “Metrology, standardization and product quality management”.

Total number of students: 226 students. Graduates: 2016 – 50 students; 2017 – 64 people; In 2018 – 58 people.

Master’s degree: 5A310902 – “Metrology, standardization and quality management”

Total number of graduate students: 7, 2015 – 4; 2016 – 5 people; 2017 – 4 in 2018 – 3 people.

5A320501- “Medicine and biotechnology machinery and equipment”.

Total number of graduate students: 8 people.

Gradual increase of academic staff and scientific potential of the department

                                                            Educational and methodical works:

There are 34 subjects in the curriculum, including 25 undergraduate and 9 undergraduate.

 Scientific, research and innovation activities:

  • Republican projects:

  Fundamental and practical projects – 1 pc

  • International Projects:

  ERASMUS Project – 1 pc

  TEMPUS project – 1 pc


  • International Experience Improvement:

  Turin Politto – 2 pcs

  Poland – 1 pc

 On execution of economic agreements

At the department there is a separate group dealing with business contracts, and in fact, there are business agreements with several joint ventures in “UzAvtoSanoat” SC. In addition, it is planned to further increase the share of enterprises and types of services on the basis of economic contracts. Specifically:

On issues of science, education and production integration and cooperation:

Protocol number 5, 27.12.2017 g. On the basis of the “5 + 1” model, the company has established partnerships with the following enterprises:

  • State enterprise of Andijan regional testing and certification centerUzXanVu JV LLC
  • UzDongYangCo JV LLC
  • Andijan Mechanical Factory
  • Andijan Standardization and Metrology Department
  • UzEreaClimatControl JV LLC
  • UzSemYuNGKo JV LLC
  • UzKoramCo JV LLC
  • Increase the number of partner companies by 20 within the “5 + 1” program and to establish lab branches at each enterprise;
  • Attraction of professional specialists to practical classes of production enterprises, organization of master classes.

A workshop on International Standards and Fourth Industrial Revolution was held

In the auditorium of the Laboratory of Mechanical and Electrical Engineering Laboratory of the State Enterprise “International Standards and Fourth Industrial Revolution” a scientific-practical seminar was held in connection with “14 October – International Day of Standardization”. The seminar was attended by professors and students of Andijan Machine Building Institute, employees of the Andijan State Testing Center Certification Center and a number of industrial workers.