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Foreign Languages

The head of the department

Mirzayeva Nargizoy Sanjarovna

Phone: (+99897) 339-11-49




The history of the department

The department was organized in 1985 as an educational department on the basis of the “Language Cycle” in the Andzhan branch of the Tashkent Institute of National Economy. In these years the candidate of historical sciences, associate professor N.Arabboyev and candidate of philological sciences, associate professor M.B. Abdullayeva, headed the chair. At the department, along with Uzbek and Russian languages, English, German and French were taught.

In 1991, due to a significant increase in the number of employees, it was divided into 2 departments: “General subjects” and  “Protection of human activities”.

In 1992, as a result of the merger of three institutes (Andijan branch of Tashkent Institute of National Economy, Andijan branch of Tashkent State Technical University, Andijan branch of Tashkent Institute of Light Industry) the Andijan Institute of Economics and Management was established. Since this year, the department has been operating as a department of “Uzbek and foreign languages”

In 1994, “The English language was separated from the chair” Uzbek Foreign Languages ​​”and began to function as a separate department, headed by Candidate of Philology, associate professors I. Soliev and MB Abdullaeva.

On the basis of the order of the Ministry of Higher and Secondary Special Education of the Republic of Uzbekistan on September 3, 1996 and the decision of the Academic Council of the Andijan Engineering and Economic Institute on the basis of the departments “Uzbek and foreign languages” and “English language” was organized, the department “languages”. In 1996-2006 Associate Professor I.S. Soliyev headed the department.

In 2006-2012, the department was headed by Sh.A. Khurulboev and M.R. Azizova.

 From 2012 to the present time the head of the department is the senior teacher N. S Mirzaeva.

On the basis of the order of the Ministry of Higher and Secondary Special Education of the Republic of Uzbekistan No. 427 of November 4, 2015 “On the approval of the statute of the Andijan Machine-Building Institute”, the “Languages” department was renamed into “Foreign languages.”

           On December 22, 2019, by the order of the Rector of the Institute No. 573, the Department of Foreign Languages was renamed the Department of Languages.


Objectives of the department

Importance of foreign languages in the development of higher engineering education

Main courses and specialties of the department:

Courses of the department

Courses for educational students:

English, Practical English, Russian, Uzbek, Office managemant in the personnel system

For students of educational specialty:

Practical foreign language

The staff of the department:

Full NameOccupationSpecialty Phone number
1Mirzayeva Nargizoy SanjarovnaHead of the department Teacher of German and English languages 998973391149
2Khurulboyev Shukrullo AbdullajonovichSenior teacherTeacher of English and Persian language 998902683269
3Azizova Mukharam RashitovnaSenior teacherTeacher of English and German languages 998914791754
4Mamatov Rasuljon SobirjonovichSenior teacherTeacher of Russian language and literature998916123006
5Kholikova Mukhtaram YursunovnaSenior teacherTeacher of Russian language and literature998914880143
6Popov Dmitry BladimirovichSenior teacherTeacher of Russian language998914940304
7Irgasheva Nasibakhon DadajanovnaSenior teacherTeacher of German and English languages 998915710067
8Nurmatova Nasibakhon KhoshimjonovnaSenior teacherTeacher of German and English languages 998934292490
9Karimova Feruzakhon InoyatovnaAssistantEnglish teacher 998975809064
10Abdurakhmonova Zarifa KobulovnaAssistantInterpreter and teacher of English language 998937880943
11Madrakhimova Gulnoza AdhamovnaAssistantForeign language and literature (English language)998937841018
12Nizomova Umidakhon SanjarovnaAssistantForeign language and literature (English language)998939101107
13Makhsudova Kholiskhon UmmatovnaAssistantLinguistics 998979962828
14Husanova Mashkhura KahramanovnaAssistantForeign language and literature (English language)998916172417
15Nishonov Ismoiljon AbdumutalibovichAssistantTeacher of English and Arabian languages998945666999
16Ibragimova Mukharam IsakovnaAssistantTeacher of German and English languages 998979984722
17Erkaboyeva Saodat YulbarsovnaAssistantInterpreter and teacher of English language 998932591809
18Abduvoitov Ravshanbek AlijonovichAssistantThe theory and practice of translation (English language)998914864779
19Rustamova Feruza MahmudjanovnaAssistantRussian language and literature998933061327
20Muratova Elvira RaisovnaAssistantEnglish language, Russian language and literature998934104905
21Boboeva Gulnoza LatibjonovnaAssistantForeign language and literature (English language)998902169900
22Mamadjanov Arabboy VaxobjonovichAssistantLiterature (English language)998932525320
23Qurbonov Muzaffar UmaraliyevichAssistantMaster of Arts (English language education)998902110374
24Xasanova Maxfuza SaxibovnaAssistantTeacher of English and Uzbek languages998914965196