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Kurbonov Yokub Egamberdievich

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History of the department:

By the Decree of the President of the Republic of Uzbekistan UP-1533 and by decision of the Cabinet of Ministers of the Republic of Uzbekistan No. 214 dated July 25, 2011 and by order of the Ministry of Social Security No. 214 dated July 29, 2011, the Andijan Engineering and Economic Institute was transformed into the Andijan Machine-Building Institute. In the same year in December, the department “Automation of machine-building production” was created.


  1. 2011-2012 Candidate of Engineering Sciences. K.Kosimov
  2. 2012-2013 Candidate of Engineering Sciences. Yo. Kurbonov
  3. 2013-2016 Candidate of Economic Sciences. U.Sabirov
  4. NV 2016 to. Candidate of Engineering Sciences. Y. Kurbonov

Directions of training department:

Bachelor degree.

  • 5311000 – Automation and management of technological processes of production (chemical, petrochemical and food industries) 509 students
  • 5312600 – Mechatronics and Robotics 20 students
  • 5312600 – Mexotronics engeenering 25 students


  • 5А311001 – Automation and management of technological processes of production (by industry) 6

The faculty of the department:

1.Kurbonov Yokubjon Head of Department
2.Abduqodirov Abduzarif Professor
3. Mirzayeva Manzura Professor
4.Karimov Nematjon Professor
5. Sidikov Isamiddin Professor
6.Parpiev Odilbek Senior Lecturer
7.Kabulov Nozimjon Senior Lecturer
8. Shomirzaev Bobur Senior Lecturer
9. Atajonov Muhiddin Senior Lecturer
10. Ahmedov Shavkatbek Senior Lecturer
11. Safarov Elyor Senior Lecturer
12. Sultanov Ildar Senior Lecturer
13. Kosimova Umida Senior Lecturer
14.Atajonova Saida Senior Lecturer
15. Rahmatillaev Javlonbek Senior Lecturer
16.Umarova Dilfuzaxon Assistant
17.Turg’unova Nodira Assistant
18.Igamberdiev Anvar Assistant
19.Xolmuradov Botir Assistant
20.Xolmatov Oybek Assistant
21. Begijonov Mahmudjon Assistant
22. Dumaxonov Furqatbek Assistant
23.Sherboev Murodbek Assistant
24.Sodiqjanov Jahongir Assistant
25. Burxonov Zafarbek Assistant
26.Yusufov Azizbek Assistant
27. Abduraximov Lutfiyor Assistant


Research and innovationIn order to fulfill the decision of the President of Uzbekistan UP-2909 dated April 20, 2017 and Up-3151 dated July 27, 2017, the Andijan Machine-Building Institute from among the leading universities of the Republic won the Grant Academic Innovation Fund of the Ministry of Social Welfare of Uzbekistan, participating in the project with the theme “Modernization of Bachelor’s Direction “Mechotronics and Robotics” in Uzbekistan on the basis of innovative ideas and digital technologies. ” The project was financed by the World Bank in the amount of $ 60,000. The date is set for the beginning of March 2019 and up to 16 months inclusive. The project coordinator is the head of the department “Automation of machine-building production” Ph.D. Y. Kurbonov, the working group included J. Rakhmatillaev, O. Parpiev and F. Dumakhanov.

This project will be developed in the direction of “Mechatronics and Robotics” in the world’s leading universities and in collaboration with JSC “GM-Uzbekistan”. The main goal of the project is to prepare a new generation of engineers based on developed and modernized innovative education training programs that can solve modern technological problems (industry 4.0) in our country. And also during the project the following works are planned:


  • Improving the qualifications of professors and teachers at the St. Petersburg Polytechnic Institute and North China University of Technology;
  • To organize an educational and scientific laboratory in the Andijan Machine-Building Institute;
  • Bearing in mind the future development of the industry, create a center “Foursight-mechatronics”;
  • Support for female researchers;
  • To develop the project to create Web site.


Support for female researchers. In the “Unitwin” project, an assistant of the N.Turgunov department in the discipline “Technical control devices” became the owner of the Koreya UUOOI grant in the amount of $ 600.

 The faculty of the department, participating in the project, “Modernization of higher education in Central Asia using new technologies (HiEdTec)” won the grant in the amount of 42,000 EURO



  1. Kurbonov “Mexatronik tizimlarni loyihalash” 05.25.05- Information processes and systems AndMI 26 May 2018 Academic Council №7
  2. M. Mirzayeva, R. Yangibayeva “Texnologik jarayonlarni kompyuter yordamida identifikatsiyalash” 01.01.07-Computational Mathematics AndMI 2018 April 11 Academic Council №7
  3. Parpiyev “Talabalarda geometromodulli malakaviylikni shakllantirish muammolari” 05.01.01-Applied geometry and engineering graphics AndMI 2018 7 March Academic Council №5
  4. Parpiyev “Grafik fanlarni o‘qitishda talabalrning kreativlik salohiyatini rivojlantirish” 05.01.01- Applied Geometry and Engineering Graphics AndMI 2018 26 May Academic Council №7






In order to respond to:

  • the Digital Transformation of Industries (Industry 4.0), which also requires DIGITAL TRANSFORMATION OF EDUCATION with overtaking pace, the consortium will develop Concepts of adapting the educational system to the digital generation, considering the specific conditions of each of the partner countries;
  • the requirement of the EU to give the opportunity for EVERYBODY to learn at ANY time and at ANY place with the help of ANY lecturer, using ANY device – computer, laptop, tablet, phablet, smart phone, etc. the consortium will create Centres for innovative education technologies.


  • Sustainable academic network for sharing experience and exchange of good practices in the field of innovative educational technologies and didactic models;
  • 5 Concepts of adapting the education system to the digital generation – 1 per Partner country (PC);
  • 15 Centres for innovative educational technologies – 1 at each PC university;
  • 45 active learning classrooms – 3 at each PC university;
  • Virtual classrooms – 1 at each PC university;
  • Handbook of innovative educational technologies;
  • Courses for trainers for the acquisition of digital skills and learning methods;
  • Courses for lecturers for the acquisition of digital skills and learning methods;

Research work in the department

In connection with the implementation of the decree of the President of Uzbekistan, a scientific seminar is held every Friday of the week to increase the scientific potential of professors-teachers and to direct their activities to the problems of production. Four scientific seminars are held during the month and professors-teachers and undergraduates present their scientific topics in them.

Scientific workshops.

Research papers of doctoral students

Doctoral students of the department conduct their research work in the leading universities of the republic together with enterprises.

 Kabulov Nozimjon Abdukarimovich

 “Methods and algorithms for process control and management storage and industrial processing of oil raw materials ”

Shomirzaev Bobir Urinbaevich

 “Technological construction of gas storage facilities monitoring and managing parameters automation »

Atajonov Muhiddin Odiljonovich

“Synthesis of situational mode control systems work of technological units in objects mechanical engineering ”

Yusupov Azamat Alijonovich

 “Automatically measuring fertilizer level Intelligent System Device Development ”

Atajonova Saidaxon Boratalievna

“Automation and management of technological spinning systems”

 Sodijanov Jahongirbek Shukhratbek o’gli

 “Electronic and optical properties of Si and CdS pleno, implanted with ions of various chemical of nature”

Disciplines taught in the direction of undergraduate.

  • Theory of automatic control
  • Design, installation and commissioning of automated systems
  • Технологических Process identification
  • Automation of technological processes
  • Technical automation equipment
  • Algorithm of calculation methods, Fundamentals of Mechatronics
  • Introduction to Specialty, Schematic,
  • Basics of modeling and optimization of technological processes
  • Digital control systems. Engineering programs
  • Descriptive geometry and computer graphics
  • Technological control devices
  • Computer-aided design (CAD, CAM, CAE)
  • Modeling and simulation of mechatronic systems
  • Computers, systems and networks
  • Diagnostics and reliability of automated systems
  • Elements and installations of managed systems
  • Complexes and systems of robotics
  • Control of technological processes and installations based on controllers
  • Microprocessor automation equipment

Disciplines are trained in the master

  • Theory of technological processes
  • Intelligent control systems and decision making
  • Multistage managed systems
  • Optimal and adaptive control systems
  • Notifying-measuring systems
  • Modeling and simulation and programming of mechatronic systems.


Decree of the President of the Republic of Uzbekistan No. PP-3775 of June 5, 2018 “On Measures to Improve the Quality of Education in Higher Education Institutions and Ensure Their Active Participation in the Complex Reforms Carried Out in the Country” based on international standards. In accordance with the agreement, more than 100 students in four areas of undergraduate studies will be trained annually at the new faculty, and they will have the opportunity to study in the 2 + 2 model.

For a bachelor’s degree in these areas will be selected on the basis of modern requirements, modern production requirements and educational standards of the two countries; “Engineering Technology”, “Mechatronics and Robotics”, “Artificial Intelligence Systems” and “Electronic Information Engineering”.

 In addition, 30 masters of 1 + 1 will be graduated annually at the new faculties (the first course at AndMI, the second course at North China University of Technology) in the specialties “Mechanical Engineering”, “Mechatronics and Robotics” and “Electronic Information Engineering”. The agreement was signed on August 14, 2018 with a memorandum of cooperation signed between North China University of Technology and AndMI, in order to implement joint educational programs and practice obtaining two third-party diplomas from foreign universities, is a continuation of the program agreement.

Sports clubs 


Department address:

170119, Andijan, ul. Bobur Shah, 56, Andijan, “Automation of machine-building production”, block “B”, 1st floor, room. 118.