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Childhood… The purest, happiest period of life. Sometimes when we are overwhelmed with grief, we want to be children. Suddenly I want to go back to my childhood and remember those sweet memories…

Today, on the occasion of the International Children’s Day, a.d. of the youth leader of the Andijan Machine-building institute Tuychieva Lolakhon together with active students visited the families of employees who have been working for the cleanliness of the institute for many years and congratulated their children on the holiday.

In these difficult days, young people have achieved their goals, which are aimed at awakening the holiday mood in children, to share the joy of small hearts. On this day, the children received gifts as a holiday gift. During the visit, cheerful poems were sung by children with small hearts.

Thank you for such an initiative in these difficult days, dear young people!


Otabek Odilov

Press and media officer of the Institute