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     On November 29, 2019 the rector of Andijan Machine Building Institute Umid Mukhtaralievich Turdialiev met with the 2nd year students of the Transport and logistics faculty of the Institute. At the beginning of the meeting, the rector noted that today’s conversation was organized without any “walls”, on the principle of freedom, openness and transparency, and to hear the problems openly and fully.

     During the meeting, students asked questions about the educational process, student housing and a number of problems in the educational system of the institute. The Rector of the Institute said that the answer to each question is justified. He said that the solution of all problems has already begun, a plan for their gradual elimination has been worked out and the future problems will be eliminated according to the plan.

     Umid Mukhtaraliyevich Turdialiyev:

     Our goal is to further improve the quality of education at the Institute. Before troubleshooting an existing problem, it is necessary to identify it. This is the main purpose of such meetings. First of all, I rely on students to solve the problems at the institute.



Odilov Otabek

Press and information service officer of the Institute