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     “The meeting between rector and students” was held on October 7, 2019. This meeting was attended by 4th year students of the faculty of Technology of mechanical engineering. The meeting was very interesting and the students asked questions about internships and employment, mainly because they were graduate students.

     During the meeting students made a number of suggestions and comments on the educational process. The views expressed were mutually discussed.

     Turdialiyev Umid Mukhtaraliyevich:

     I am pleased that today’s meeting was full of critical comments and discussions. As expected, the fourth-year students have told me that today they could clearly and explain the problems of the education system, in particular the institution, and that they have their own suggestions to address the existing shortcomings. However, one of the most important factors is that a staff member whose mission is to lead a particular team tomorrow has the ability to put their own ideas clearly and understandably in the first place. This aspect was well developed in the students of our institute. When a person becomes aware of the purpose of the process and develops a sense of belonging, he or she becomes aware of it. The main purpose of meeting with students is to learn their thoughts. This will help to avoid mistakes and problems tomorrow.



Odilov Otabek

Press and information service officer of the Institute