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As we informed through the social network pages and web-site of the institute the rector of the institute Umid Mukhtaralievich Turdialiyev has been holding meetings with each student of the institute in order to study and solve their problems by open, face-to-face talk.

The next meeting was held with the 2nd year students of the faculty of Technology of Mechanical Engineering of the Institute on October 2, 2019.

The rector said that he was going to know the opinion of the students about the conditions created at the institute, whether everything was fine although it wasn’t long since 2019/2020 academic year started.

Students expressed their satisfaction with a number of conditions that had been done so far. In particular, they were very happy with the hostel of the Institute and the Information resource center and they expressed their gratitude for the comfort, it was better than the previous ones. And they also suggested that by it was an excellent job to create a personal bot page on the rector’s telegram social network designed to give students an opportunity to express their concerns and suggestions removing the “wall” between the student and the rector.

     During the meeting, students’ comments and suggestions were made on the problems that are still not resolved.

         Turdialiyev Umid Muhtaraliyevich:

     So far, any reform made by the Institute is based on your needs and requirements, based on the needs of the students. If there is a problem then we will try to fix it as soon as possible. In general, creating conditions is not a problem, and all these reforms are in vain unless we can create opportunities for it. For any given incentive, the person must be prepared to respond appropriately. I think you will be able to say “yes” with the significant changes that you have mentioned and a deep knowledge of the amenities.



Odilov Otabek

Employee of the Press and Information Service