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It is difficult to imagine any industry or daily life without electricity today. One of the main tasks of today is to deliver the culture of rational and efficient use of energy resources to every consumer.

 On September 17, 2019  a seminar devoted to these issues was held in the conference hall of the main building of the Institute in cooperation with the Andijan regional department of “O‘zenergoinspeksiya” at the ministry of Energy of the Republic of Uzbekistan and the department of “Electrotechnics, electromechanics and electrotechnology”.

 It was attended by heads of regional departments of “O‘zenergoinspeksiya” and territorial divisions of all regions, relevant officials of JSC “Andijan regional electric networks”, representatives of more than 70 big businesses and industrial enterprises operating in Andijan region. The seminar discussed how to use energy efficiently and economically, to save energy and reduce power losses as a result of power compensation to consumers.

 Responsible staff gave detailed answers to the questions asked by entrepreneurs during the event.

Odilov Otabek

Press and information service officer of the Institute