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 Although it has not been long since the beginning of the academic year Andijan Machine Building Institute has been doing a great job of organizing youth leisure. First there was a Youth party which covered 5 important initiatives on September 7 of this year, and travel to Kokand was organized on September 15 with the initiative of the rector Turdialiyev Umid Muxtaraliyevich. The tour started at 06:00 in the morning. The bus, which has more than 70 talented students and their parents, reached the area where the festival was being held at 10:00 am for nearly two hours.


 The city of Kokand, which hosts the International craft festival, is full with tourists these days. More than 370 artisans from 78 countries are taking part with their handicrafts. They also include everything needed for our daily lives, as well as paintings and sculptures that can decorate our rooms. Foreign tourists who came to observe the festival are enjoying and buying our national art examples. The most enjoyable part of the festival is the opportunity for school-aged children and foreign tourists to freely communicate in their own language. Although the festival area is on a much larger scale, it is possible to enjoy every corner of it. Each area was written in capital letters to make it easier and clearer for visitors. This gives an opportunity to get acquainted with all the pieces of art quickly. The staffs of the institute, especially the students were very impressed with the trip and expressed their gratitude to the rector of the institute.

It is worth noting that the invitation to travel students to neighboring areas was announced by the students at the rector’s and youth’s meeting on September 13.


Odilov Otabek

Press and information service officer of the Institute