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     Senior lecturer of the department of “EEE” Ahmedov Alimjon Mahmudovich conducted a seminar on the theme of scientific methods of electric parameters adjustment in three-phase crankcase chains.

     Head of the chair S.Abduraxmonov, senior teachers B.Azizov, Z.Rejabov, B. Rayimjonov, D.Abdukhalilov, N.Nuriddinov, assistants M.Madumarov, O’.Akhmadaliyev, I.Boltaboev, Z. Boykhonov, M .Matqosimov, doctorate M. Makhsudov and employees participated in this seminar.


     The main objective of the workshop is to create and introduce the methods of production and use of high-tech technologies applied in advanced, developed countries in order to protect the electrical systems from various harmful factors at the production enterprises. In advanced European countries, engines used in electrical systems are made of small, lightweight, lightweight, lightweight, lightweight amorphous materials, and developed and used in high precision methods and application in production facilities. At present, the use of such methods has especially been discussed with the establishment of cooperation with the manufacturing enterprises for the need to carry out extensive research on new models of various electrical appliances and its operation mechanisms.

He spoke about the use of energy saving equipment, the use of synchronous engines and capacitor batteries for reactive energy compensation and 3-phase electricity supply, replacing old-type engines with new ones.