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       On February 21, 2019 the head of the Personnel department of UzAvtosanoat L.Mamatov and the head of the Localization department Sh.Alimov visited Andjan Machine Building Institute. The purpose of the visit was to strengthen cooperation between the enterprise and the institution. During the visit a meeting was held between the guests and staff of the management of the institute.

       During the meeting the guests came up with proposals to radically improve the integration of education and production at the Andijan Mechanical Institute. According to it the company has set all the opportunities for students to practice directly at the industrial enterprises, and from the students of the institute, highly qualified specialists with guaranteed job placement after graduating from high schools to set up a team and to work separately with them, to set up the Avtosanoat scholarship, and to encourage talented students with this scholarship. This was discussed between the two sides on the issue of positive outcomes in training future staff. In the near future concrete goals will be set between the two sides and agreements are being expected to be signed.



Odilov Otabek

Press officer of the Institute