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     We all know that the structure of the Andijan Machine Building Institute has undergone some changes. The faculty that was called as Machine Building till today has been changed to the faculty of Automotive industry.

     The first meeting was held at the Automotive Faculty. It was attended by professors and teachers of the faculties and group coaches.

     The dean of the faculty M.Qochqarov opened the meeting and explained the organizational structure of the Automotive industry, a new group of trainers, improvement of the quality of education, organization of the educational process.

   T.Almataev, a chairman of the committee of workers and students of the institute, also spoke about the work being carried out on the protection of socio-economic interests of employees and students, in particular, the implementation of the collective agreement. He also pointed out the negative view of the corruption that we have to fight against and the work done by trade union activists.

     Improving the quality of education is the main criterion of our activity, says dean of “Automotive industry” M.Qo’chqarov. Each day we are working on requires dedication in every aspect of our work. Especially, I think that the quality of education, the critical thinking of our work, the shortcomings and the problems we are facing together, the student turnout should be our top priority.

     During the meeting, questions were raised on a range of issues, such as improving the quality of education, revitalizing the performance of group trainers.

Xayrullo Vasiev, Odilov Otabek – Press and Information service of Andijan Machine Building Institute