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     It is well-known to all us that the Central council of the Youth union of Uzbekistan introduced a “Grant of the union of Youth of Uzbekistan” for the students of higher educational institutions in order to stimulate effective activities in order to support the social activeness and initiative of students of higher education institutions according to the decree of the Executive committee of the Central Council of the Youth union of Uzbekistan of October 21, 2017, № 01-04 / 102.

    On December 20-22, 2018, the Central council of the Youth union of Uzbekistan hosted the Republican stage of the present contest. At the end of the competition, which was attended by 183 students from all higher educational institutions in our country, 14 students became recipients of the Youth union of Uzbekistan. The third prize went to Akbarov Abdulhamid Akmal ugli, the 3rd year student of the Machine-building technology, machine-building manufacturing and automation direction of Andijan Machine-Building Institute. At this stage, our student has participated in the project “Establishment of discounted clubs on the basis of modern and advanced technology for efficient leisure of students in rural educational institutions”.

     We wish good luck and elevation to our student in his study. We believe that the number of students who will take an example from such students and serve wholeheartedly for the future of the country will be increased in the future.

 Odilov Odilov

Press officer of the Institute