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Seminar trainings organized for professor-teachers during the winter holidays of students in order to implement the tasks set at the videoconference meeting of the Ministry of education on December 25, 2018  “Development of educational-methodical activity of higher education on the basis of advanced international experience: methodological aspects of quality and effectiveness of education” that was held on December 28-31continued on January 3..

On the seminar on January the 3rd Prorectors and the head of the educational-methodical department M. Jurakhonov introduced professors and teachers of the institute with presentation materials prepared on topic “Modern trends in the development of higher education: international experience and practice of Uzbekistan” according to the letter of  the Ministry on the 29th of December, 2018 №87-03-4549.

During the workshop professors and teachers of the institute participated in practical classes  on Practical English and Information communication technologies dividing into small groups.