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Pro-rector on academic affairs Q.Ermatov opened the meeting held in the conference hall of the institute, which was organized by the institute on December 21, 2018, “On ensuring the peace and quietness and providing having students’ winter holidays at a high level on the New Year’s eve” implementation of the order of the Cabinet of Ministers of the Republic of Uzbekistan № 1042 “On the organization of high-level passage of students at the highest level of winter holidays of the institute and effective organization of the teaching staff” and accordingly, students were introduced to the schedule of seminars conducted during the winter vacation (December 28 – January 10, 2018) with professors and teachers.

The head of the department of international relations Z. Jo’raev in the execution of the letter of the Ministry of Higher and secondary specialized education of the Republic of Uzbekistan № 87-03-4381 dated December 20, 2018 “Hope of the country” for prospective students to be trained abroad for internship, internships, undergraduate and doctoral studies in 2019 within the framework of agreements with foreign partners and foreign partners, foreign partners from the scientific or higher education institutions, Andijan Machine-Building institute and told about the opportunities of attracting professors and teachers to study at the Institute.

Senior teacher of the department of Land transport systems U.Xolmatov informed that lessons for the students of correspondence courses would start on January 7, 2019, in this connection about the status of preparatory work of the teachers.

 Head of educational department M.Jorakhonov said that the final week of the graduating students of the 4th year and the 1st year students of Economics in 2018-2019 was over and spoke about the responsibility of deans and the heads of the departments.

Deans of the faculties gave information about the completion of group magazines by professors-teachers and told the chair’s heads about the tasks thatvshould be done by professors in the winter vacation period.

At the end of the meeting the pro-rector for educational affairs Q.Ermatov said that all the departments should get acquainted with the methodical manual for graduation qualification work prepared by the Turin Polytechnic University in Tashkent (M.Ishankulov). .

The meeting was attended by the head of International relations department Z.Jo’rayev, head of educational-methodological department M.Jurakhonov, head of ATM G.Parpiyev, deans of the faculties, deputy deans for educational and methodical issues, heads of departments.