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A scientific seminar on topic “Improving master student system in the HEI” was held at the chair of “Automobile construction” of the Machine Building faculty on December 14, 2018.

A vice-rector on scientific work and innovations B.D.Mamadjanov, deputy dean of Machine Building faculty Q.To’xtanazarov, Professors and teachers of the departments: assistant-professors T.Almataev, I.Nosirov and B.Qayumov, senior lecturers O.Tursunov, I.Saydaliev and M.Sobirov, assistants I.Qosimov, X.Aliyev, Y.Yoqubov, D.Moydinov, Z.Aysacheva, H.Yusupbekov, Z.Muhammadjanov, M.No’manov, D.Ergashev, R.Vaxobov , I. Erkinov participated in the meeting.

The lecture was made by the senior lecturer of “Automobile construction” chair A.Abdullayev on the study of scientific researches on the subject “Improving master student system in the HEI”.

Abdullayev gave a detailed answer to the questions according the research.