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   There are great changes and innovations in all spheres in our country, and it is obvious that all of this contributes to the advancement of our future. Especially when we look at the developments in education, we can see that there is a good foundation for the future, and there are a number of innovations that will help the young generation to become qualified and skilled professionals.

      A number of positive work is being carried out by the deanery of Machine Building faculty in order provide the implementation of orders worked out by the Ministry of Higher and secondary specialized education of the Republic of Uzbekistan in the aim of  improving the quality of education.

    The activity of 8 departments of the faculty was investigated and recommendations were made on a number of issues. It was noteworthy that meetings were held in each departments and proposals and suggestions were made on the problems faced by them. Also, the teacher-student system has been introduced in order to improve the quality of education and qualified teachers were assigned to young specialists.

    Improving the quality of education is the main criterion of our activity- says the dean of the “Machine Building” faculty M.Qochqarov. As we study the activity of the departments, we focus on improving the quality of education, providing practical assistance to the departments. It is noteworthy that a number of issues that exist and waiting for their solution are positively being solved in our meetings.


Khairullo Vasiev – Press and information officer of Andijan Machine Building Institute