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Love and value are eternal in the world

 A number of activists from the Andijan Machine-Building Institute (chairwoman of the women’s committee Ra’nokhon Yusupova, chairwoman of the scientist women’s association Mavludakhon Umarova, a 2nd year student Numanova Fazliya) visited the boarding house “Muruvvat” in Qo’rg’ontepa district.

During the visit they talked with the head of the “Muruvvat” boarding house Khurshidakhon Abduvalievna. They got acquainted with the conditions created there and the work being carried out. At the end of the interview they got acquainted with the living conditions of children living in boarding school. Boys and girls from age 4 to 18 year are mostly educated there. More than 100 educators serve them.

Most of the educated, disabled children are unable to move independently. They are unable to describe the work of educators who are in the service of genius.