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The staff of United States Embassy in Uzbekistan visited Andijan Machine Building Institute yesterday. Taking this opportunity, we asked John Brown several questions, the head of public affairs section of the embassy.

– Mr. John Brown, Welcome to Andijan!

– First of all, thank you very much for great attention. This is my second visit to Andijan, and I found out that your city was becoming more and more beautiful year by year. I’m also grateful for the conditions at the Andijan Mechanical Engineering Institute and warm attitude of the professors and teachers.


– What is the main purpose of the visit?

– Close familiarizing with the Institute of Machine Building, introducing exchange and cooperation programs, exchanging opinions on educational rules in higher educational institutions of the USA with teachers and students. As far as I know, Andijan Machine-Building Institute has set a cooperation with a number of foreign countries, and we have just talked about this with the rector of the Institute Salomov Uktam Rakhimovich. In the near future there might be a partnership between your institution and the institutions of higher education in the United States.


-We saw that the students were communicating with you in English …

– The happy point is that the students are communicating with us in English fluently. It is noteworthy that the students answered the questions given by us in English. I was highly impressed by one thing, the eyes of the young courageous students are shining, and their desire to learn and speaking fluently in foreign languages ​​made us all happy.

Xayrullo VASIEV interviewed


Odilov Otabek

Press officer of the Andijan Machine Building Institute