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As we informed before an associate professor of the department of “Material science and technology of new materials” PhD in Physics and Mathematics L.O. Olimov and a trainee researcher the “Foreign languages” department M.U. Qurbonov are participating an intern ​​at the Gdansk Polytechnic University in Poland, in the ERASMUS + program on “Intras-intellectual transport systems: a new Master’s degree program based on ICT for Uzbekistan”.

According to the details of the second day, the seminar was conducted in accordance with the program. In the first half of the day, the directions, curricula and their programs were analyzed at partner universities in Uzbekistan. Subsequently, subject and modules on “Intras-intellectual transport systems: a new Master’s degree program based on ICT for Uzbekistan” which was planned to open in Uzbekistan were discussed dividing into groups.

During the second half of the day, the issues of creating curricula on the project, bringing necessary literature and laboratory equipment for them to Uzbekistan were discussed. During the break the principles of the mechanical pearl device functioning at the Gdansk Polytechnic University, the process of PhD dissertation defense at the Institute were studied. At the end of the seminar, exchange of gifts was held between the Uzbek and European partners.

In the evening L.O.Olimov and M.U.Qurbanov, together with professors and teachers of Uzbekistan, visited the burial mound of Uzbek soldiers in (Bratskiy Magila) who died in Gdansk for the freedom of the Second World War (1945). They recited the Quran remembering them. It should be noted that General f Sobir Rahimov was the commander of the division with Uzbek soldiers. In this cemetery, he was also buried with his soldiers.