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As it was reported earlier that ERASMUS + program “Intras-intellectual transport systems: a new Master’s degree program for Uzbekistan based on ICT” is functioning at our institute.

In the framework of this project, a lecturer of the department of “Materials science and technology of new materials”, doctor of Physical and Mathematical Sciences L.O. Olimov and a trainee-researcher of “Foreign languages” department M.U. Qurbonov left for Gdansk Polytechnic University in Poland to participate in the next seminar planned for October 29-31. This university is ranked high in the international rankings. Particularly, in 2017, it ranked sixth among the higher education institutions in Poland and the 50th in Europe in the top 50 universities in Technological Universities.

According to the first details, L.O. Olimov and M.U. Qurbonov arrived in Gdansk on October 28. The first day of the seminar began with a program-based welcoming. The Professor of the Gdansk Polytechnic University, Krzystof Wilde introduced the history of Gdansk and the history of the institute. to the participants of the seminar Then, Joanna Zukowska, a project coordinator professor informed the audience about the purpose of the seminar and the tasks that should be implemented. Also, the workshop participants provided information on the work done in the current year. In the second half of the day L.O. Olimov and M.U. Qurbonov met rector of Gdansk Polytechnic University Professor Jacek Namiesnik.

They were at Gdansk Science and technology park, from 17.00 to 19.00 in the evening. They were introduced with scientific research in Gdansk, research on various industrial enterprises, their importance in the development of Gdansk.

The project is being implemented in partnership with the leading Polish, Austrian and Slovakian universities, 6 universities and 4 non-academic organizations are participating from Uzbekistan.