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Professors and teachers of Andijan Machine-Building Institute are conducting master classes in a number of production enterprises and organizations.

One of these events was held in the Andijan regional Customs Administration yesterday. It was attended by the professors and teachers of the department of “Metrology, standardization and product quality management” of our institute.

The workshop held in an interesting way with question-and-answer “TIF TN was organized on topic Textile materials” took place with participation of the Customs Office’s customs expertise and classification of commodities.

During the event, customs representatives were provided with information on the classification, structure and properties of textile materials by the head of the department “MSPQM” M.Sattarov.

At the same time questions were asked by the specialists of the customs examination and goods classification team and the head of the “MSPQM” department M.Sattarov, an assistant B.Turg’unov answered them thoroughly.

During the meeting, Nodirbek Bakirov, head of customs expertise and commodity classification team of the Andijan regional customs office, major of customs service said that frequent workshops would benefit for the staff.

At the end of the event, it was emphasized that such workshops were important and agreed to organize them on a regular basis.


Vasiev Khayrullo, Odilov Otabek

 Employees of press and information service of Andijan Machine-Building Institute