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     A seminar on courses for professors and teachers who were assigned to go to for retraining and professional development courses for November-December 2018 of the institute was held On October 17.

   The information was given on “Professional development system of professor-teachers” “Normative and legal documents of Higher education ” (Head of educational-methodological department M. Jurakhonov), “Forming professors-teacher’s portfolio” (Senior lecturer of Automobile Bulding chair U. Kholmatov), ​​”Evaluation criteria for professional development courses for professors and teachers” (Assistant professor of social sciences chair O. Ergashev), “Formation and preparation of the topic of graduation project work” (senior teacher of OIP (Organization of industrial production) chair ZH. Teshaboyeva).

     At the same time, speakers were given answers to questions about peculiarities of reading, retraining and qualification courses, criteria for reading and evaluation criteria.

     At the end of the seminar, testing was held at the Computer center of the Institute of Information Technologies of the Institute in the purpose of ensuring the effectiveness of their work during the training and retraining courses for professors-teachers, who were appointed to go to retraining and professional development courses.

     It included the topics of the President’s works, Higher Education normative documents, Pedagogics and pedagogical technologies, Innovative education technologies, ICT and English language, which were defined in the course of retraining and professional development courses on tests made by easy Quizzy program.