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On October 16, a delegation in the head of Mr. Son Sung Il of the Korean International cooperation agency (KOICA) office in Uzbekistan visited Andijan Machine Building Institute. The vice-rector of the institute Q.Ermatov, assistant professor A.Ermatov and dean of Innovative educational technology faculty J.Rakhmatillaev took part in the meeting.

At first Mr. Il introduced Yang Ji He who came from KOICA agency as a volunteer to our Institute.

In the main part of the meeting an agreement was made on multi-faceted partnership, prospects for the future of Andizhan Machine Building Institute and KOICA. In addition, a presentation of various projects and programs aimed at improving the quality of education developed by the staff of the Institute was held during the meeting. As Mr. Il highly appreciated presentations and programs, he stressed that the work done in the development of the education system is worthy of praise.

At the end of the meeting, gifts were given to the guests according to our national traditions.