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        As it was reported earlier, the Japanese testing center NAT-TEST started its work in Andijan Machine-Building Institute officially. On October 14th our Institute held a Japanese language exam for the first time. Mr. Kamata Satoshi, director of the NAT-TEST headquarter in Japan, participated in the examination.

        At first Mr. Satoshi got acquainted with the equipment and facilities in the auditorium.

     On the morning of October 14th, candidates for the initial test were placed in the auditorium.

 As Mr. Kamata Satoshi started exam he wished success to all the examiners and observers.

Mr. Satoshi, together with the Coordinator of the center, Associate Professor A. Ermatov, watched the process directly through the audiences and surveillance cameras.

Japan’s “NAT-TEST” Japanese language test center has about twenty such centers in more than ten countries around the world. You know, the best one I personally liked from them is this one which was opened in Andijan, particularly in the Andijan Machine Building Institute. I try to use these conditions as an example to all our world centers- ,Satoshi said

     Kamata Satoshi expressed his gratitude to the management of the institute and the coordinator of the NAT-TEST center A.Ermatov for their evaluation of the exam process, the created conditions and the preparations.


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