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Admission deadline has been extended until 20th of August, 2018 for foreign applicants.

According to the decision of the State Admission Committee, the admission of application documents for foreign citizens to higher education institutions in the Republic of Uzbekistan has been extended until August 20, 2018.

Foreign applicants are admitted to the Bachelor degree of higher educational institutions by the result of the interview, conducted in the accordance with the procedure established by the Institute.

Foreign citizens are required to submit the following documents for Admission to study at Andijan Machine-Building Institute:

  • Application for admission to study at Andijan Machine-Building Institute;
  • Original versions of documents about their education, indicating studied subjects and the grades of the examinations;
  • Medical conclusion about the health condition;
  • National Passport (with valid visa);
  • 6 photos in the size of 3,5 x 4,5;

Foreign citizens are admitted to the higher educational institutions of the Republic of Uzbekistan on a fee-contract basis and the academic year begins from 2nd September. The list of bachelor directions of Andijan Machine-Building Institute are followings:

  • 5111000 – Professional Education;
  • 5230100 – Economics (on branches);
  • 5310500 – Automobile building and tractor building;
  • 5310600 – On land transport systems and their exploitations;
  • 5310700 – Electro-technics, electro-mechanics and electro-technologies;
  • 5310900 – Metrology, standardization and quality management of products;
  • 5311000 – Automation and management of technological processes and output (on branches);
  • 5312600 – Mechatronics and robotics;
  • 5320100 – Material science and technology of new materials;
  • 5320200 – Machine-building technology and equipment and automation of machine-building output;
  • 5320300 – Technological machines and equipment (on branches);
  • 5610100 – Services sector (Automobile transport);
  • 5620100 – Organization of transportation and transport logistics;
  • 5640100 – Safety of Life activity;