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A book holiday was held in Baliqchi district.

In accordance with the decree of the President of the Republic of Uzbekistan “On the program of complex measures for the development of the system of publishing and distribution of book products, promotion and promotion of reading culture and literature” is the key guarantee of achievement of our great goals” in different regions of Baliqchi district under the slogan “Holiday of the Book” was held on June 3. Members of the department of History of Uzbekistan, the Women’s Committee of the Andijan Machine Building Institute, the spirituality center, the Information resource center, the department of social sciences, the foreign languages ​​department and the History of Uzbekistan actively participated in the event held at the Baliqchi medical College. Activists and writers, poets and from the region and D.Imanova from the department of history of Uzbekistan spoke at the event. Lectures on literature, focusing on the future, on spirituality, were heard.