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The meeting was held in the large assembly hall of the Institute. The meeting was opened by the pro-rector on educational work Q.R.Ermatov and he introduced the participants of the meeting with a chief engineer-technologist of “Artel” company Behzod Matkarimov.

After that, a chief engineer of the Ferghana regional branch of “Artel” company B.Matkarimov gave relevant information and recommendations to the graduate students of 2017/2018 on the employment after graduating from the institute. Thus, he emphasized that in evaluating the general professional and professional knowledge of the candidates, they need to show their knowledge and skills they received during four years in their field.

B.Matkarimov gave a detailed lecture on the chances of  finding  a job becoming a good specialist and the importance of the spiritual wellbeing of young people.

At the end of the meeting, the students asked questions and received adequate and complete answers.