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        On May 26, 2018, a meeting was held by Andijan regional department of Compulsory enforcement under the General’s prosecutor office of the Republic of Uzbekistan with graduating students of “MSMSM” (PQM), “TJICHAB” (ATPAC), “EEE” (EEE) and “Economics” faculties in the conference hall of the Institute.

        The meeting was attended by the Head of the Human resources department of the Compulsory enforcement unit N.Sh.Ro’ziev, the inspector of Human resources department I.A.Ahmedov and they gave detailed information to the audience about the functions and responsibilities of the Andijan regional bureau, obligations and duties of personnel working there.

       During the meeting, the students received detailed answers from the participants about their interest. At the end of the event, the Compulsory enforcement bureau under the General prosecutor’s office of the Republic of Uzbekistan demonstrated a video and propagation project on the work being done in our country.

       More than 20 professors and teachers and 156 students participated in the event.