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         On May 23, 2018, the rector of the institute U.R.Salomov  held a meeting with the 4th year students of  “Electrical engineering, electromechanics and electrotechnologies” direction, professors and teachers of the department , diploma project directors, deans of the faculty and deputy deans of on the monitoring of the graduation qualification works of the students.

          The rector of the institute noted that the aim of this event wass to provide competitively-qualified personnel to production enterprises which are clientele of personnel with by providing quality education.

At the meeting, the rector of the institute U.R.Salomov asked the students of the direction “Electrical engineering, electromechanics and electrical technologies” whether they had any difficulties and problems in implementation of the project work diplomas chosen by themselves.

The students stated that they received information while having a pre diploma practice, were working according to a plan with the help of their leaders.

The rector gave concrete tasks to the  dean of the “Automation and electrotechnics” faculty T.Turgunov, t.d.o of the head of the department of “Electrotechnics, electromechanics and electrotechnologies” S.Abduraxmonov and professors and lecturers of the department on timely manner protection, without any mistakes according to a schedule of the diploma project of the fourth-year course students  of “Electrical engineering, electromechanics and electrical technologies” direction.

  It was agreed to hold such meetings with graduate students of all directions of the institute.