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In the faculty of technology of machine-building group educators are working with students on various topics the field of spiritual enlightenment and educational work in order to control their behaviour, as well as to improve the morale of the students. Meetings are regularly being held with faculty curators.


A meeting was held on the topic “Problems of student girls and creating living conditions for them in the dormitory, meaningfully organizing their free time” by the dean of the faculty M.Eshonov, the dean’s assistants E.Yulchiyev, G.Sattikulova, the chairman of the faculty M.Hodjimuhammedova and the chairman of the talented student club B.Botirov and a group of educators in the dormitory №1 of the institute on the 20th of April, 2018.


During the meeting, the dean of the faculty learned the existing problems, suggestions and recommendations of the student girls living in the dormitory, and gave them necessary instructions. Also, students were invited to attend classes on Mechanics in their free time at the student accommodation facility. Participation of students in the 

clubs was monitored, and club administrators were given the opportunity to organize circle classes with the involvement of new innovative technologies, covering all students. At the end of the meeting, the dean of the faculty took into consideration the invitation of the students, and promised to find a solution to the problem of establishing a library for them, in consultation with the head of CIR R.Mamatov. The meeting was attended by 34 students.