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Students’ scientific association started its work with the initiative of “Machine-Building” faculty and “Metrology, standardization and product quality management” chair of the Institute.

The first presentation meeting of the association was held yesterday. The head of the chair “MSPQM” M.Sattarov opened it.

Professor U.Abdullayev, head of the “History of Uzbekistan” chair, head of international relations department of the institute Z.Jurayev, senior lecturer of the “MSPQM” chair A. Niyazova made their remarks and presented their suggestions on the work of the students’ scientific association.

During the presentation, a video was shown made by B.Turgunov, assistant of the “MSPQM” chair to the participants, that was highlighted the goals and objectives of the association, organization of its activities. A competition for the logo and slogan of the association was also announced.

At the end of the presentation, discussions were held on the organization of future activities of the association, as well as students’ scientific and communication activities.

X.Vasiev – press and information service officer of Andijan Machine Building Institute.

X.Vasiev – Andijon mashinasozlik instituti, matbuot va axborot xizmati xodimi