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Doniyorbek Qilichev, one of the leading experts who had advanced training in foreign countries of GM-Uzbekistan made a speech for the group of professor- teachers, graduate students and talented students in English, Russian and Uzbek in the following direction on February 24 at 14:00 in the conference hall of the machine-building faculty of the Andijan Machine Building Institute.

  1. Processes for the disclosure of new projects and procedures for the development of a new vehicle (GM GVDP – Global Vehicle Development Process). Further GM streak on short carousels.
  2. State Enterprise “Global Robotics and Machine Building Plant”. Innovative method and technically advanced technologies (A, B, C – Metrics) and welding shop

The seminar was also attended by Shavkat Yuldashev, head of the organizational development department of the Human Resources Department of GM-Uzbekistan.

During the meeting, professors, teachers, masters and students of the Andijan Machine Building Institute received answers to their questions.