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    The event took place in the conference hall of the institute. Representatives of the “Gedeon Richter” company of Andijan doctor, gynecologist Zunnunova Nargiza Zakirovna, representative chairman of the women’s committee of the department of R.Yusupova, head of spiritual and enlightmenting department M.Holiqova, the chairman of the women’s council of Machine building faculty M.Hojimuhammedova, nurse of the institute O. Sultanova, women teachers and lady students participated in the event.

     During the meeting there was a video about women and girls of the same age. Useful information were provided on early marriage and its negative consequences, causes of infertility and its origin, factors related to the birth of a healthy child, various procedures for using drugs and personal hygiene.

     As the Minister of Health of the Republic of Uzbekistan A.Q.Shodmonov who visited Andijan province to deliver the above decree yesterday told that our uzbek women feel shy to take their daughters to doctor before they get married and a special preview of medical institutions for women was issued in a decree in order to prevent similar incidents.

     The specialists answered to the questions of lady students during the meeting. The organizers and participants of the event expressed the desire to organize round tables with physicians with the participation of doctors and midwives on infertility and oncological diseases, which are now becoming the most relevant. At the end of the meeting N.Z.Zunnunova was given letter of gratitude of the rector.