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On April 17, 2017 Оn the initiative of the department on work with academic lyceums and professional colleges, a demo lesson was held on theme “Requirement of assessment” at the Economic College of the Izboskan District. The head of the department of “Foreign Languages” N.Mirzayeva, the senior teacher N.Irgasheva, the assistant N.Nurmatova and the methodologist of branch Z.Mahammadzhonov visited the Economic College of Izboskan district. They conducted an demo lesson on the topic “Requirement of assessment” in presence of teachers of the English language of professional college and 12 students.

In the demo lesson N.Atabaeva used such technologies as “Round table” and “step by step”. In the demo lesson individual, pair and group forms of training were used. The teacher conducted an interesting lesson, using modern pedagogical technologies, handouts, visual aids and cards, which meets all the requirements of the CEFR.

After a demo lesson, a discussion was held in presence of the teaching staff of the institute, the deputy director and the teachers of the college. Teaching staff of the Institute emphasized the achievements and shortcomings of the teacher, gave advice and defined directions.

At the end of the visit, the “Technology Center” was promoted, which functions in the Institute by the department on work with academic lyceums and professional colleges.