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     At the Bulakbashi Agro-Industrial Professional College, a seminar was held on the theme “The role of cooperation between higher education institutions, professional colleges and industrial enterprises in the education of youth and directing them to the profession” in connection with the announcement 2017 as a year of “Dialogue with the people and human interests”. In the event, the head of the department on working with academic lyceums and professional colleges of the Andijan Machine Building Institute M.Khusanova reported on the ongoing reforms in the areas of secondary specialized education, in addition, about existing directions of the institute, on the conditions created in the preparatory courses for the “Technology Center” and in the institute for students; Senior lecturer of the department “Overground transport systems” S.Yusupov gave information about the importance of road transport in our life and service. During the seminar, teachers and students of colleges received answers to the questions of their interest.