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7-9 February, chairman of the youth movement by the Central Council for the direction of higher education institutions from the organization’s leaders and leaders of the Tashkent Institute of Irrigation and Reclamation Winter active schools project. In which a total of 92 people from across the organization’s leaders, the captains and the regional councils of the movement of assets and attended by heads of department on work with talented youth.

Training is the primary activities of the organization on the right, the compulsory military service for students to read the material and recommended the introduction of amendments and supplements to help students financial assistance is recommended to carry out the work order, the primary organization of socio-political, sports and work with talented young people to carry out projects in areas such as training, seminars and workshops. At the same time participants of the training seminar TIMI Kamolot primary organization familiar with the conditions and procedure documents.

Improvement of the educational activities of the leaders on the second day of the workshop, in order to support them, the establishment of the Council of the leaders of the higher educational institutions of primary organizations and elected the members of exemplary leaders.

At the end of the training-seminar sessions conducted tests on the participants and their certificates.