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Directly related to the development of technical and technological development of the society. This in-depth study of physics qonuniyatlarisiz in the future. Thus, the teaching of theoretical physics, experimental learning – an important task of the day.
The development of scientific and technical specialists in the rapid penetration of modern daily life requires a lot of physical tools and learn to use the equipment. According to the students’ knowledge and skills in this physics laboratory.
Physical education was obtained through laboratory experiment in terms of the nature of knowledge and its didactic entitled to great weight. This continuing education opportunities, higher education levels are used.
Today, the international experience shows that the new method of teaching and educational process more actively and effectively used. The republic in the last years, the increasing need for laboratory equipment. This is the self – production of laboratory equipment, world-class laboratory equipment for the growing attention to the implementation of the education system.

May 20, 2011, the President of the Republic of Uzbekistan “of higher education institutions and to strengthen some of the material and technical measures to improve the quality of the training of highly qualified specialists” On the implementation of Resolution No. 1533 In order to ensure the Andijan Institute of “physics and chemistry”, which meet international standards of Germany, “Leibold-LD” firm “Molecular physics” and “Optics” laboratory equipment this year. This is a new gift for the new academic year. In addition, the laboratory conducting the work of the problem. These laboratories O. Mirkamilov teacher and was appointed as an assistant in charge of I. Anarbayev.

The results of laboratory equipment, the establishment of data collection and processing, as well as a convenient form (tables, graphics, links, etc.) is equipped with computer systems. A modern, fully automated measurement using the standard laboratory equipment, the opportunity to expand, a new and unique experience to carry out the duties and assignments. Each laboratory device with a logical and easy-to-use interface. Physical experience with modern measurement tools and software solutions to allow them to use their understanding of physical phenomena.