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Andijan Machine Building Institute in 2016, on January 24, 1100 at the Embassy of South Korea at the Korea International Cooperation Agency (KOICA), attracting Korean volunteers coordinator, South Korea Dju Ho Lee and the citizens of the Republic of Uzbekistan Abdukarimov Bekhzod Hath visited.

The main purpose of the visit Andijan Institute of mechanical engineering from the date of November 1, 2016 to the Korea International Cooperation Agency (KOICA) for monitoring and evaluation of the work of volunteers in South Korea Cholet won, and the work carried out in this direction rivojlantirtshdan .

During the visit, the KOICA delegation to the talks with the Andijan Institute of International Relations Department Z.Jo’raev and took part in the information technology department J.Axmadaliyevlar.

1100 the main building of the institute of “information technology” was held in the center. The delegation is scheduled at 12-48 regular meeting of Andijan State University went.

The results achieved during the visit:

The Korea International Cooperation Agency (KOICA), volunteer activities by the institution’s positive estimation has planned to send a letter of gratitude to KOICA office.
KOICA volunteers was found to be in accordance with the purpose of developing the program, and this program is one of the leading departments of the institute with involvement of experts in the areas of automotive engineering technology and information technology in the direction of the Institute for the formation of a system of e-government experts approved by the expert of the agency’s volunteers program and the appropriate assistance.
The expansion of ties in Andijan engineering experts from the Institute of KOICA offers relevant advice provided by the agency and found to be in accordance with the purpose of developing small projects.
Andijan Institute of South Korea’s leading institutions of higher education to establish direct contacts with their agreed contribution to the KOICA office.