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Information Resource Center


Director of the Information Resource Center

Rasuljon Mamatov

   Phone:   +99891 612 3006




 IRC Director in accordance with the “Charter” of the Center:

 – Organizes and supervises the execution of information and library activities by the President, Decrees and Resolutions of the Cabinet of Ministers, orders of the Ministry of Higher and Secondary Special Education of the Republic of Uzbekistan, orders of rector of the institute and other documents in IRC.

– Looks for ways to enrich IRCs with educational literature, print media and electronic resources, collaborate with publishers and other media outlets.

– Provides development and implementation of measures for the development of the material-technical base of the center.

– Director of IRC organizes collaborative work with representatives of different organizations, spirituality and enlightenment centers in the region, educational institutions and IRCs of foreign countries.

– Ensures compliance with internal discipline and regulations, creates suitable working conditions for fire prevention and occupational safety.

There are 5 departments at the Information Resource Center (IRC). The IRC has 3 subscription sections, 4 reading rooms for 80 seats, 2 educational halls with 40 seats and 5 branches of IRC in Jalakuduk district.

4087 readers have been registered in the IRC with a unique reader certificate. Of these, 3540 students, 35 undergraduates, 250 professors and teachers, 128 employees and 134 local readers. Also 7083 readers were registered in IRC branches in Jalakuduk district of Information-resource center. The absolute number of readers is 11108.

At present the total resource of the Information Resource Center is 173093 copies.

                From these are:

               Textbooks –                   21480

               Training manuals –        77986

               Scientific publications – 8236

               Fiction –                         9505

               Electronic literature –     36187

               Other Publications –      19699

               (Manual, encyclopedia, dictionary, and other.)

                Subscribtion to newsletters and magazines:

                 newspapers – 100 copies in 26 titles

                 journals – 38 copies in 30 titles

         At present, the APMAT program, which is installed in the Information Resource Center computers, has a bibliographic description of 16475 teaching materials.

In order to implement the order of the Ministry of Higher and Secondary Special Education of the Republic of Uzbekistan from February 9, 2019 “On Improvement of Automated Information-Library     

         System in Higher Educational Institutions”, the Order №119 of the Rector of the Institute from February 11, 2019, was developed.

On the execution of the order, existing resources of the automated system of APMAT is transferred to APMAT ++ system in the Information Resource Center, and also to introduce within two months the teaching staff and students to the system, systematic work is being carried out to ensure progress. At present 317 professors and 1927 students are registered.

Currently, the Information Resource Center has 48 computers, 2 printers and 1 scanner. There are 20 computers in the e-learning room, 5 in the open-air universal reading room at the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering, 10 in the reading rooms in the first and second student residents, and other 13 ones are in other departments. Computers in IRC are connected to Internet and internal local networks. The local network speed is 100 Mbps and the speed of the Internet is 1 Mbps. ARM also has Wi-Fi zone.

There are 36187 titles of electronic resources in the Information Resource Center:

       From these are:

               Textbooks –                  10383

               Educational manuals – 19415

               Scientific publications – 587

               Fiction –                        3234

               Other Literature –          2568