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     A creative evening was held by the head of the department of working with youth, spirituality and enlightenment M. Khaliqova to mark the 80th anniversary of the People’s poet of Uzbekistan Alexander Feinberg according to the letter of the Cabinet of Ministers of the Republic of Uzbekistan № 01-07- / 1-516 dated October 10, 2019, on November 28, 2019.

     The event was organized by the Information resource center of the Literary Fund, which allowed the evening to be more artistic. The event was attended by the chairman of the institute’s curators A.Abdurahmonov, the deputy dean of the faculty of Automation and electrical engineering Z.To’xtabayev and students of the faculty.

     During the creative evening M.Khalikova provided detailed information about the People’s poet of Uzbekistan, Alexander Feinberg, who was not yet familiar with our young people, and showed a video about the life and work of the poet. The poet’s life was listened to with great interest by students. It is likely that y our young people have discovered another favorite poem for themselves that day. Events dedicated to the life and work of outstanding poets and writers continue.




Odilov Otabek

Press and information service officer of the Institute