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     It is difficult to achieve success without having learning and applying world experience in all areas whether we are engaged in any field today, be it entrepreneurship, art, sports or education. It is not accidental that the reforms being carried out in our country, which are at the same time ranked among the countries in the world, are being carried out based on international experience. It is encouraging that we have embraced many educated young people in the education system by introducing the same experience in education in recent years. Now the next challenge is to train them to be more competitive personnel, to become professionals who can freely deal with foreign youth with their knowledge and experience anywhere in the world.

      The roundtable talk held at Andijan Machine Building Institute on September 20, 2019, also brought together students for this purpose. Alisher Qodirov, a professor at the University of Curtin, one of the prestigious universities in Australia, visited the institute and shared his experience with students and young researchers. A well-known professor, born in the Bulakbashi district of Andijan, spoke about the key to the current high results.

Alisher Qodirov:

  “I spent my childhood here just like you. From an early age, my interest in the exact sciences encouraged me to read and research, and it became a part of my life. I never went to tutoring. As my place of birth is in rural areas, I have always been keen to read books and take them with me whenever I go to graze in the fields. Now, I can see that all opportunities for education for all ages are fully developed in our country. It is not difficult to know this for a person who has been abroad for a long time to come to Uzbekistan. I think every challenge should be answered, and I encourage you to make the most of this opportunity”.

 During the roundtable talk the scientist spoke about the largest projects in the field of modern physics, the latest innovations in science, as well as encouraging students from his own life experiences. Participants of the meeting received detailed answers to their questions about science and education.

At the end of the meeting, the rector of the institute Turdialiyev Umid Mukhtaraliyevich thanked the guest for his visit and underlined that he was ready to support as much as possible the youth who were an eager beaver to learn, become well-known scientists in future.

Odilov Otabek

Press and information service officer of the Institute