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Having a regular sporting routine helps physically and spiritually to a humankind. The importance of sports is effective and useful in the work that we have begun, and our mood will be good throughout the day. Ancient scholars, modern medicine can also confirm that sport was the key of human health and longevity. The more popular the sport among the people is, the stronger the society will be. Actually, the country is ruled by young people who are completely healthy minded.

On June 5, 2019, the “Public walking” event was held devoted to “World Health day” on the initiative of the Andijan Region khokimiyat (administration). It was attended by heads and employees of all enterprises and organizations of our region, educational institutions. The team of the Andijan Machine Building Institute also actively participated in the parade held along the Amir Temur Avenue. The aim of the event is to popularize the healthy way of life among our compatriots, to increase the interest of young people to sports in our region.

The event was attended by more than fifteen thousand young people.

Odilov Otabek

Press officer of the Institute