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     As previously reported, five pedagogical staff of the institute were awarded with the grant funded by the AIF foundation in the framework of projects “Creating synergetic integration of Higher Education and production in Uzbekistan”, and “Modernization of Mechatronics and Robotics curricula in innovative ideas and digital technologies” they are training in St. Petersburg Polytechnic University.

    During the internship, our professors are getting acquainted with the work of a number of departments and chairs of the university. In particular, they met with the director of the “Additional education institute O.S. Ipatov, (Институт дополнительного образования) the head of the “Directorate of basic educational programs” (Дирекция основных образовательных програм) L.V. Pankova,  director of the “Center for development of educational programs” (Центр развития образовательных програм ) N.V. Mukhanova, head of regional educational and scientific center “Sinegiya”  at the university, V.V. Potekhin, the specialists of the Center for the organization of students’ practice (Сектор организации практики студентов)) N.A. Sinjugina and A. Vasilev, a chief specialist of Computer engineering center (CompMechLab Центр компьютерного инжиниринга) M.Sharkov, head of the department of “Machine Building and building design” (Машиноведение и основы конструирования) M.A. Skotnikova and others and are getting acquainted with the university’s educational process, scientific activity,student practice and experience in cooperation with manufacturing enterprises.

     The internship courses will continue until July 6.


Odilov Otabek

Press officer of the Institute