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     Raising an upcoming generation in the spirit of respect for ancestors is one of the basic requirements today. It is noteworthy that while the great people of his day and time are interested in learning about the different nationalities of the countries of the world, it is more than just about the fact that these people are our ancestors filled with special pride and pride We need to know what we need to do. The deep knowledge of our great grandfathers, and the study of their lives and creations, should become an exciting and glorious work for all of us.

     On February 9, 2019 in the educational establishments of all regions of the country, our ancestor Mir Alisher, who is known as the epic hero of the great poet, among the nations of the world, is marking the 578th anniversary of Navoi in the city of Alisher Navoi Culture and Recreation Park the ceremony of laying flowers to the magnificent statue of the great poet and great thinker.

     At the solemn ceremony the students of the Andijan Machine Building Institute once again proved their profound respect and love for Navoi with putting flowers on the monument.


Odilov Otabek

Press officer of the Institute