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     The associate professor of “Physics and Chemistry” chair M. Khalilov held a seminar on “Elements of relativity theory“.

     Professors – teachers of the department, a senior lecturer G.Umarova, A.Qodirov, S.Aliyev, assistants B.Ziyayev, G.Rustamova, a doctorate F.Sultanova and 1st year students of E.E.E. direction took part in the seminar.

  1. Halilov told the seminar participants that based on the results of the experiments, Galileo substitution, and the theory of relativity, Galileo’s relative principle, speed and acceleration, classical mechanics, invariant magnitudes, speeds, Einstein’s conclusions, bright rate of invariance. The study of the movements of the material point in space and time, and the task of the decart coordinate system and the clocks set to it were conducted in 1905 by Alain Einstein on the following two postulates of the theory of special relativity: held a scientific – methodological seminar. A senior lecturer of the department S.Aliev made a speech and expressed his warm opinion on M. Khalilov’s scientific-methodical workshop and described the concept of time. During this workshop, students received a complete answer to their questions. At the end of the seminar all the participants received the necessary conclusions.



Odilov Otabek

Press officer of the Institute