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A roundtable conversation on topic “We support a healthy lifestyle” was organized dedicated to “December 1- Day of Worldwide fighting against AIDS” in cooperation with Spirituality and Education department of the Institute and a number of healthcare organizations of the region in the conference hall of the main building of the Andijan Machine Building Institute on November 28, 2018.

The event was attended by the specialists of the CFAA J.Mamadaliyeva, N.Nabijonova, specialist of Andijan regional department of Healthcare research institute U.Usmanov, a t.d.o of pro-rector of  Youth issues of Andijan Machine-Building Institute M. Khalikova, and 200 professors-teachers and students.

The event was conducted by M. Khalikova.

 At the beginning of the event, a team of talented students of the institute “Nihol” students’ theater studio presented to the attention of the audience a scenery reflecting factors affecting today’s healthy environment, family and its sacredness, betraying to it.

Specialist of the AIDS Center, J.Mamadaliyeva spoke to all students about the dangers of being infected with wrongdoing, and highlighted the fact that the AIDS was the most commonly encountered illness among the youth today. She gave information about the causes of the disease, its symptoms, the level of danger, and what to do in this case, and where to go first.  Nowadays, due to all the necessary conditions created in our country, as a result of roundtables conducted at the local level the number of people suffering from such illness has decreased.

The specialist of Andijan Regional department of Health research Institute U.Usmonov told the students it was very important for human health to follow healthy lifestyle on a regular basis and most important factor in fighting against any illness He was talking about serving him. He has also provided information on the difference between HIV and AIDS, which was a common source of illness in our lives.

At the end of the event, the members of the “Nihol” theater studio who were talented students of the Andijan Machine Building Institute were awarded with honorary diplomas by the rector of the institute for active promotion of a healthy lifestyle in the society and the experts have invited students to collaborate in such propagandistic activities and roundtables, which will be held at places regularly.


Odilov Otabek

Press officer of the Andijan Machine Building Institute