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International scientific conference


Andijon region, Uzbekistan, 3-4th   October,  2018 y.


Andijan Machine Building Institute informs about the forthcoming holding and invites you to take part in the International Scientific Conference «PROBLEMS OF INCREASING THE EFFICIENCY AND SAVING OF ENERGY RESOURCES OF MODERN PRODUCTION» (In English). The venue is the Andijan Machine Building Institute (together with the participants of GM-Uzbekistan JSC).

Date of the conference: 2018, 3-4 th October

Location: Andijan, Uzbekistan.

Conference language: English, Uzbek, Russian

The conference is held in Andijan, Uzbekistan, followed by the publication of a conference book. The output of the conference is Uzbekistan.

Requirements for publications: the level of originality of the article – from 70% and higher.  The presence of an annotation is required.

The publication status: foreign, international, with sending of obligatory copies to the Andijan machine-building institute.

The terms of participation

For participation in the conference it is necessary to send:

– a completed Participant Questionnaire (see Appendix 1);

– an article prepared in accordance with the requirements (volume – from 3 to 6 pages);

The materials are sent to the address http://zaylobiddin1992@gmail.   with the theme of the letter “Conference Uzbekistan”

  • Requirements for the article
  • The content of the article should be scientifically directed, all assumptions, hypotheses, conclusions should be justified. When quoting materials from other sources, reference is necessarily made to these sources. The article should contain an annotation, a list of keywords. All the bibliographic sources referred to should be referenced in the text of the article.
  • Font – TimesNewRoman, size 14, interval one and a half
  • Amount –to 6 pages
  • Rules of registration: the name of the article, boldly, in the center. The line below, through the interval, the author (s) name (fully), boldly, then in the next line in italics – the name of the organization (completely, without abbreviations). Further through the interval the entire text of the article is printed.

Contact editors

Materials for publication, as well as questions sent to the address.   http://zaylobiddin1992@gmail.  

Contact number: (+99893) 243-42-97

Aplication 1.

Application for participation in the conference (for each author separately)

Process Management and Scientific Developments
Surname, name, patronymic of the author (s)    (RUS +ENG)  
Title of article (report)                       (RUS + ENG)  
The name and number of the section

(see Appendix 2)(RUS)

Number of pages  
Place of work (study) (completely)(RUS + ENG)  
Position(RUS + ENG)  
Scientific degree, academic status(RUS + ENG)  
Postal address (with index) (RUS)  
Contact phone, e-mail  


 Aplication 2.

List of conference sections

 1. Equipment and technologies in modern production

 2. Alternative and renewed energy sources used in modern production

 3. Safety of life at work

 4. Organization and management of production

 5. Customer Service)